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A Recipe for Making Money Online

There are many reasons why people desire to make money online; for extra income, to making a living from home, or even as a profitable hobby. Whatever the reason making money online is like a recipe. If you follow the correct steps you will produce the intended end product. In this case it is to make money online while you sleep.

Making money online consists of the following ingredients:

1 cup of Money making options
1 cup of Niche market formula
1 cup of Customer magnet
1 cup of Direct marketing
2 cups of Traffic
1 cup of Tracking & monitoring

Many successful things have a recipe for success and in the end its just a matter of mixing the correct ingredients together. All you need to know is what the steps are and how to perform them. In cookbook terms it would be the ingredients and method. Therefore any person can make money online if the recipe is followed properly.

1 cup of Money making options

This first ingredient consists of deciding which path you wish to take in order make money online. As you probably already know, there are many pathways to take. The two major paths are to either:

* Create and Develop your own product or service to sell.
* Or become an affiliate to someone else's product

I would recommend that if you're new to making money online to start off as an affiliate. It will help you understand how making money online works, then once you have cut your teeth with experience and sales, you might consider upgrading to making your own product.

Whichever path you take, a lot of money can be made if done correctly. Each pathway has its advantages and disadvantages.

1 cup of Niche market formula

Once you have decided on the path, look for a niche product to create or sell. There are many proven ways to finding a niche target market. But at the same time you need to consider many questions before going for a niche market:

* Is there already a competitive market for this product and are you prepared to make yours better?
* Would people pay money for your product?
* Is the niche market in need of your product?

If you can answer yes to all these questions then this niche has potential to make a lot of money. Just make sure you perform an in depth research before commencing.

1 cup of Customer magnet

Once you have found your niche target market then you will need to create yourself a landing page whether it's selling your own product or an affiliate's product. Your website is your ultimate selling tool. A website is your shop front and it's what sells your product while you sleep. It needs to be optimized for search engines and users.

Your website could consist of a:

* Sales letter.
* List of features and benefits your product has.
* Your selling price and a picture of your product.

2 cups of Traffic
1 cup of Direct marketing

Traffic and direct marketing are two important ingredients in your recipe. Without traffic and direct marketing you won't make sales therefore you won't make money. Traffic and Direct marketing is what gets people to your website fast. Without enough traffic, your recipe may never rise to perfection.

Traffic can be obtained from many areas:

* Submitting press releases about your new website.
* Submit your articles and to forums
* Creating Blogs
* Viral marketing
* Direct marketing

1 cup of Tracking & monitoring

In order to continuously keep making money you will need to monitor and track your customers and visitors.

Tracking can be broken done into many steps:

* Website Traffic Tracking
* Ad Tracking
* Keyword Tracking

In conclusion making money online is as simple as following a proven recipe to success.

Wealthy Butler,
Author of "The Ultimate Recipe To Make Money Online"


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