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The Secret to Finding those Niche Markets that Sizzle

There are niche markets out there that have not even been tapped yet or if they have they are poorly filled niches.

Finding a niche market is not the problem these days. It’s quite easy once you have the know-how. There are many, many ways to find niche markets. Are they profitable? Well you can research the most popular keywords or keyword phrases using tools such as ClickAdEqualizer, or you can browse your local library and/or bookstore looking for common book ideas?

The problem is, just because a keyword or keyword phrase is popular or there are hundreds of books available on a particular topic doesn’t really mean that people are willing to spend their hard earned currency on a similar online offering.

Writing about your favorite hobby or what you know best doesn’t always reap the rewards either.

It doesn't matter how well you know your topic, if people in that market don't spend on online products, then your niche idea is doomed from the start.

Where are people looking to spend their money online?

Look where people are buying in real time for the answer. EBay. Your ultimate niche source.


Go to, when the home page loads click on the “Buy” on the top menu.

You should now be on the “Buy page”. Leaving the Search field blank and All Categories selected in the drop down list (This should be the default) click on the Search button.

You should now see the “All Categories page”. This shows you every product currently for sale on eBay in real time. Here you can also see how many products are for sale for each category and sub-category. What a treasure chest of niche topics right here.

Now let’s see how we might find a popular niche market.

Click "See all Sporting Goods categories..." you will see hundreds of niche markets within the Sporting Goods category right there.

Now this is niche marketing. The category “Sporting Goods” alone is very broad indeed. If you go after this one, your doomed, however if you go after a sub category such as "Fishing> Fly fishing" or "Fishing> Rod Building and Repair", you niche market chances are looking brighter.

Now click on the “Sell” on the top menu, then “Seller Central” on the bottom menu.
Select the “What’s Hot” topic, then “Hot Items By category” or go to and see if your niche sizzles.

I think it’s time to start writing a new how to hot seller. Now if only I knew something about fly fishing.

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