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The Real Secret to Make Money Online – Right Here!

Now that I got your attention, let me tell you about the headline of your sales letter.
It is the billboard for your letter. Use your main selling point in the heading.

If the headline doesn’t get read the rest is doomed.

It should:

  • Get your readers attention and create immediate interest
  • Make your reader read on to the first sentence
  • Target your audience
  • List at least one of your biggest benefits
  • Make a promise

Your promise should be unique to what you are selling and different from that of your competition.

It should be bold, using powerful words such as:

Free, How to, Cheap, Secrets, Imagine, Proven, Revolutionary etc.

Oh yeah, the secret to making money on the Internet, wait for it… Traffic, traffic and more quality traffic, lots of it and a killer sales letter waiting for them at the other end. The truth is there is “There is actually NO Secret”, just hard work, experience, determination and action. Break down your long term goal into smaller medium term, manageable goals. So there you have it!


“How I sold 1 Million copies of my e-book, and how you can too.”
“Undergrounds secrets, you have been lied to again”
“Discover how to smash all previous sales records fast”


Next time you’re browsing for a magazine, look for the headlines that catch your eye.
They know how to write headlines. Their headlines have to generate sales.
Learn from these magazines or newspapers. They have been doing it for years and they know what works for their target markets.


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