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Viral advertising creates traffic

The theory is simple. You pass on something of interest or value to 20 people, these 20 people might each pass it on to another 20 people and those 20 people might do the same. Who knows when this passing game might stop?

One thing is for sure, by the time your something or message travels through many levels deep, it has been passed on and hopefully seen by millions of people. Now if you had a link to your website on this message, you could be getting thousands and thousands of clicks to your site.

Better still, if your message is targeted or along its journey it attracts interested readers, your sales might go through the roof. Remember, it reaches so many people. It only takes a small percentage of interested readers to see results.

The best part of this type of traffic is, it can cost you nothing but time.
Whatever it is you decide to spread, it has to be free or a great bargain that is too good to miss. You might consider a free e-book, vouchers, game or software application. It could even be a huge discount on your in-demand services.

The best way to spread your free product is by allowing users to download it from anywhere and everywhere, wherever your potential customer might hang out. You might even consider spreading it using peer to peer programs.

Your service or message can be spread by using forums, articles or even emails. Make sure that if you use emails, your email lists have given you permission to send them such emails. Incase you haven’t heard, un-solicited email (spamming) is illegal.
Using family and friends is always a good start.

In the end your free product needs to pre-sell the reader on the final product. It needs to attract the user to your website by blending your links into your free product. Don’t come across as pushing to sell your product. Offer the reader more detail or information by clicking your link.

Use the power of affiliates. Allow anyone to give your free e-book away, however they see fit. Why would someone want to help spread your free product?
Easy, offer to re-brand the free e-book for them, using their affiliate code in the links.
They get the commission if the link is clicked and a sale is made, you get more traffic to your site and hopefully more sales. Everyone benefits.
It doesn’t have to cost the affiliate anything and they don’t even need a website.

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