Who is the Wealthy Butler? The Wealthy Butler character represents wealth and service. This is exactly what you get when you purchase my e-book.
I've been involved in IT and marketing for a very long time now and continue to work with web promotions everyday.

I have read libraries of books and spent hundreds of hours on research on making money online, generating web site traffic, ppc advertising and SEO etc.
I had made plenty of mistakes through trial and error. I started to refine my methods and eliminate what didn't work. I started to make money online and heaps of it. Now I find making money on the internet easy.

During my journey, everyone that had something to teach or share assumed I was an expert. No-one cared about beginners unless you paid them big dollars. Even then, people would take your money and either give you an inferior product or didn't want to know you when it came time for support.

The answer was simple. Create a product that beginners can use and understand.
It was a mammoth task. It took alot of time any money, but the end result was well worth it. You really have to see it for yourself and I'm sure you will agree..

So here it is, the book I wish I had when I started out (I still use it today).
Everything you need to help you make money online and increase your sales. This is no ordinary book. It's a beautifully presented and easy to understand interactive e-book. Just like following a recipe. All it needs is you.

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