Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the price of your e-book such a low price?

I could easily charge $199 or more for this product. A lot of time, effort, manpower and research have gone into the development of this e-book. (as you will see). But frankly when I pay $199 or more for a book, I would expect a thick hardcopy that I can hold or put on the shelf with the rest of my collection. Wouldn’t you agree?

The resources you’ll have and the power that knowledge will give you when you apply it to your website promotion efforts is worth 10 times the price.

Go ahead see for yourself, learn, put it to use. Let me know what you think. I just know you will be thrilled with the product.

How can I benefit from your interactive e-book?

My interactive e-book will help you understand how to make money online in an easy and enjoyable way. This e-book is presented to you in cookbook recipe format. Collect the right ingredients and use the method to create that perfect money making recipe.

Do I require any pre-skills before purchasing this book?

No. This book has been developed for beginners to experienced users. Put it this way if you’re not an expert then you will become one pretty soon. This interactive e-book teaches you on a basic level with step by step instructions.

What is an interactive e-book? And how does it differ from a normal e-book?

A typical e-book consists of a document usually saved in PDF format. This basically allows you to navigate in sequential order. Where as an interactive e-book has elements which allow you to have more control over your navigation, utilizing graphics, quizzes, movies, illustrations plus more. Basically, it allows you to get involved with the product.
It has been proven that interactivity helps users gain a better understanding when it comes to learning.

What else comes with your e-book recipe?

With the e-book comes two ready made templates to get you up and running. Also you receive a full Blog and Ping – “Your new best friends” step by step tutorial together with Butler’s secret tips and techniques. All are easy to understand like the rest of the book.

Once I purchase the e-book can I contact you for assistance?

If you purchase my interactive e-book you are entitled to lifetime support on the product. You can email me any time with your enquiry. It would be an absolute pleasure to assist you. And Remember… “ Butler knows service”

How does the refund policy works?

You have a 60 day refund policy from the date of purchase. If for any reason you aren’t 100 percent thrilled with the product or it’s not what you expected then, just log on to customer service for a refund. You’ll receive 100% of your money back. (I’m sure you’ll love it).

I am having trouble opening your e-book?

The e-book has been thoroughly tested but when it comes to computers things can always go wrong or get corrupted somehow. If you have trouble opening you e-book, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Download latest version here.


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